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Mattingly Family in Early America

First Mattingly in America
Name : Thomas Mattingly I
Born : About 1630, England
Died : Before 24 July 1664, St. Mary's County, Maryland
Spouse : Elizabeth
Children :

  1. Judith Mattingly -
  2. Thomas Mattingly II - born 1650, England died 1714, MD
  3. Cezar Mattingly - born 1654 died 1719
  4. Elizabeth Mattingly -

The exact date of arrival in America of the Mattingly family is unknown. So far, searches of passenger lists of all ships coming to the colonies in the early years has not revealed any member of the Mattingly family.

The first records of the Mattingly family in America are found in Maryland in 1664. It is possible that they arrived in late 1663 or early 1664. The family contained Thomas, the father, his wife Elizabeth, and their children: two sons, Thomas and Cezar, and two daughters, Judith (who is listed as Judith Turner) and Elizabeth. Thomas died early in 1664 without making a will. His widow, Elizabeth, was given letters of administration and signed an executors bond on July 24, 1664. An inventory of the family's goods reveals that they had few possessions. Their livestock was a cow, a calf, and a heifer. They also had a still and most of the rest of the inventory comprised tools, personal clothing and housewares. A local attorney, Walter Pake, who married the widow Elizabeth took care of the legal affairs of the Mattingly family. On 1 August 1665 he entered the rights of the immigrant Mattingly family to 300 acres of land. Having paid their own passage, each member of the family was entitled to 50 acres of land. A certificate was issued in May 1666 for 300 acres of land in Charles County, Maryland to be known as "Mattingly's Hope" and the patent for the tract was issued on 4 September 1666 made out to the two boys of the family, Thomas and Cezar. One can conclude that, since Thomas did not petition for the land due to the family himself, that he died shortly after his arrival.

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