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Fabric of Life

This poem was given to me by a friend in 1977 and now is a core belief.
I hope and pray that you can hear its message.

Fabric of Life  
I want to say something to all of you
Who have become a part
Of the fabric of my life
The color and texture
Which you have brought into
My being
Have become a song
And I want to sing it forever.
There is an energy in us
Which makes things happen
When the paths of other persons
Touch ours
And we have to be there
And let it happen.
When the time of our particular sunset comes
Our thing, our accomplishment
Won't really matter
A great deal.
But the clarity and care
With which we have
Loved others
Will speak with vitality
Of the great gift of life
We have been for each other.

Gregory Norbert, O.S.B.