From The Mattingly Family in Early America, by Herman E. Mattingly, 1975, Pgs 7 and 8.

Mattingley, as a Manor, which Alric held of King Edward as an "Alrod", belonged to Alsi, son of Brixi, in 1086, the date of the Domesday Book. Ellis, the owner in 1167, was apparently succeeded by Revelendus, Lord of Mattingley. Father Basil Mattingly's research reveals that Revelendus & his wife, Rose, had 3 sons, James de Oakley, Bartholomew de Oakley, & Stephen de Mattingley. Revelendus divided his possessions among his 3 sons. James de Oakley had a son, Hugh. This son, who probably died without issue, granted his part of Mattingley Manor to the Prior & Convent of Merton. Bartholomew de Oakley had a daughter Rose, who married Walter Rastall. Nevertheless, Bartholomew gave his inheritance in Mattingley to his brother, Stephen de Mattingley.

In 1206 Stephen de Mattingley turned over part of his property to the Prior of Merton. His son Peter de Mattingley, in turn sold it to Geoffrey de Arundel. Eventually the Prior & Convent of Merton came into possession of all of the Manor of Mattingley. It was then merged into Holdshott, & is still part of that Manor. Thus ended the Manor of Mattingley. When the method of designation such as Stephen de Mattingley changed into Stephen Mattingley is not known. But the origin of the name is evident.

The visitor to the town of Mattingley today should observe the Chapel there which is quite ancient & is said to be historically & architecturally noteworthy. Also of interest is the graveyard & Mattingley Lodge. As previously noted, the area in which the Saxon chief Matta, settled is in the northernmost part of the Co of Hampshire. Records seem to indicate that most of the members of the family moved north across the line into the Co of Berkshire. And it is in the latter Co that most of the early English records of the family are found. An example of this is found in the calendar of Berkshire Wills which gives the following: Thomas Mattingley (1545), John Mattingley (1558), Henry Mattingley (1568), Richard Mattingley (1570), Agnes Mattingley (1577), John Mattingley, sen. (1597), Agnes Mattingley (1601), Stephen Mattingley (1601), Hugh Mattingley (1632), & Richard Mattingley (1638). Still other records are found in the Index Library issued by the British Record Soc., Ltd., from which the foregoing is taken. More records of Berkshire Co Mattinglys in the 1600's are available. Those given are sufficient to indicate the first Mattingly family which migrated to Maryland in 1663/4 was either directly or indirectly from Berkshire Co.