David T. Pratt

Professor Emeritus
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Washington

University of California Berkeley (PhD 1968)
Speciality: Energy and Fluids

Contact Information
E-mail: david.t.pratt@google.com 

Professor Pratt specializes in theoretical and computational modeling of combustion processes. His principal research direction is the selection, design, and application of computational algorithms to the design and simulation of furnaces and combustors.

Current research projects include supersonic combustion for hypersonic airbreathing propulsion, including stabilization of detonation waves; prediction of CO, NOx, and UHC emissions of spark ignition and gas turbine engines; interactive PC software for management of thermochemical and chemical kinetic data; CFD modeling of supersonic combustion processes; and modeling of pre-vaporized, premixed low-emission gas turbine combustors.

Prior research work includes modeling of combustion of pulverized coal in power generation furnaces, modeling of turbojet afterburners, experimental and theoretical study of ultra-high intensity continuous combustion in jet-stirred reactors, and stochastic modeling of turbulence-chemistry interaction in the gas turbine combustor primary zone.